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I am an experienced writing tutor, offering inspirational one-off workshops and residentials as well as ongoing weekly creative writing and poetry classes (online and face-to-face). I offer writers guidance and stimulus, bringing a rich variety of sources – texts, paintings, film clips, music and stories – to my teaching and suggesting new and enriching ways of engaging with landscape and other themes.

I studied art history, have an MA in Creative & Professional Writing, and worked as a freelance journalist and professional gardener.

The Garden of Shadow and Delight is my collection of prose poems on gardens (Cinnamon Press, 2014); other poems appear in magazines including Acumen, Artemis and Smiths Knoll.
I live in a small Hertfordshire village near London, go walking, swim wild and practise a silent meditation of the heart.


To stroll, meander, as in “I thought I’d marl along to see you.” And “He’s always marreling down the road somewhere.” from the Dictionary of Newfoundland English (University of Toronto Press, 1982).

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