I am a Hungarian interdisciplinary artist based in Budapest. My work focuses on sound, space and interactions. I hold an Mmus in Interdisciplinary Composition from Goldsmiths College, London and an MA in Sociology from ELTE, Budapest. Currently I am doing my doctoral studies in interdisciplinary methodologies at the Fine Arts University, Budapest.

In my artistic practice I am creating theatrical/performative experiences exploring the relations of the physical, the social and personal space. I am interested in the small, important moments of non-verbal human interactions.

I compose/choreograph situations which are offering a complex, non-repeating outcome from simple elements, structures and instructions. In many of my work I use portable sound sources to highlight the aspects of the relationship between sound, space and body, and to create an immersive environment without spatial separation between the performance and the audience. In my participatory works I aim to create frames where there are no right or wrong decisions – hence the actions of the performer or audience can manifest only in a very human way.

I often work in a site-specific context. I created performances, installations and interventions in foot tunnels, underground stations, a forest, a swimming boat, a Turkish bath, abandoned offices, a mining museum, a synagogue garden, private flats and various other public spaces. In 2017 I was curating the site-specific performances of the Kolorádó Festival, 4 site-specific concerts for Budapest based experimental series Jazzaj.

The flat-theatre piece ‘IITTHHOONN’, created in 2019 in collaboration with my long time artistic partner Imre Vass won the ‘Halász Péter-award’ for the best experimental theatre piece of the year. My large scale, public space choreography ‘Drift’, premiered at the 2019 Prague Quadriennale was nominated for ‘Laban Rudolf-award’ for the best choreography of the year.

My work was performed in international festivals in Europe and South America such as Prague Quadriennale (CZ), Festival d'Avignon (FR), Festival XS Bruxelles (BE), FIME Sao Paolo (BR), Bergama Theatre Festival (TR), Immersive Hubs (NL), Sonorities (NIR), Mais Imaginarius (PT), CROSS Awards (IT) NOW'16 (UK), Audiograft (UK), Montag Modus (GER), Contact Zones Festival (DK), UH Festival (HU), Placcc Festival (HU).

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