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Who is Ted

Who is Ted

The Carders’ assembly started in response to the transformation of a square, called Piazza dei Ciompi, in the historical city center of Florence, the place where to find for many years a characteristic flea market of the city. Transformed for health and safety reasons by local authorities, the flea market demolished and replaced, the new Piazza dei Ciompi appears like another result of neoliberal policies and gentrification at the service and use of paying tourists. The day of the inauguration of the square a small group of activists led a participatory survey and since then met weekly for over a year creating a permeable, self-organized, self-determined, horizontal space for constant and open experimentation and learning. Within the frame of the square, the spontaneous assembly composed of a heterogenous group of people, realized a series of performative, artistic actions led in a collective research-action process, questioning the public space use, signification and appropriation. In some actions we named ourselves Carders' Assembly, in reference to the historical facts related to Ciompi Revolt occurred in Florence from 1378 to 1382, first European uprising of that kind.

very short walk

A walk for the chronically ill.

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