16 May 2019

Participate in Sound Walk Sunday 2019

The second edition of Sound Walk Sunday will take place on Sunday 1st September 2019, and will be the start of a global week-long festival of sound walking events and performances, celebrating outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances, listening walks and sound walks.

30 Dec 2017 | Dérive app

X marks the spot: support for iPhone X

Dérive app is now available for the iPhone X. That’s pretty neat. We’ve also tweaked the interface and fixed a bunch of bugs. You should get an iPhone X, just to play around with this fine fresh new version of Dérive app. And, Android lover...

25 Nov 2017

Fresh additions

It’s not been hours since going live, and here are the latest additions to I am the Walker . com. With the four additions below, we now track 52 blogs about walking. Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage Richard is an artist/researcher, critically exploring walking, social media and intangible cultural heritage, busying himself with performative walking as a creative, ecological, … More

13 Nov 2017 | Dérive app

Bring Dérive app to the next level

We’re testing the next major release of Dérive app. Come and test with us and help shape the future of Dérive app. Dérive app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. Functionalities are simplified, the app is faster, with a code base that...

04 Sep 2017 | Dérive app

Ready for Derive Day

September 9 is Derive Day. Join people from all over the world and discover your city in a more random way, like a game. Whether you’re in New York or New South Wales, Santiago or Shanghai, everyone gets the same tasks at the same time, with each...

18 Aug 2017 | Dérive app

Come test drive hosted dérives

We’ve worked on adding ‘hosted dérives’ to Dérive app. In a hosted dérive, all participants get presented the same task cards at the same time, wherever they are in the world. We’re officially introducing hosted dérives on Dériv...

17 Aug 2017 | Dérive app

The tweaks are in

We’re making the experience of using Dérive app a better one, as we’re ramping up for Dérive Day on September 9. Here’s what’s changed and improved in Dérive app. See who contributes to a group For the groups you have access to,...

02 Jul 2017 | Dérive app

Join us for Dérive Day 2017

On 9 September 2017, explore your city with others around the world through randomly generated and synchronised tasks that are simultaneously drawn whether you’re in Rio or Rome, Kampala or Kuala Lumpur. After too long a hiatus, Dérive Day is back on S...

24 Jun 2017 | Dérive app

Come try the croissants in Poznań

Karolina and Ania Szarkowicz give us a new European deck of task cards, for the Polish city of Poznań. Amongst the oldest and largest cities in Poland, Poznań is known for its renaissance old town, its dialect, and the traditional Saint Martin’s ...

01 May 2017 | Dérive app

You are the target… audience, in Oakland

Pro Arts Gallery successfully wrapped up its two month program of The New Situationists. During this period, Dérive app and Pro Arts worked on creating a deck of task cards for Oakland, California, home of Pro Arts, which now is available to the g...