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On line meet up with Horatio Clare: Slow Radio – a new way of thinking about, making and listening to radio?

Immersive sound walks have been around for a few decades, enjoyed by individual listeners or in small groups of listeners. Award-winning author and radio producer, Horatio Clare teaming up with the BBC, has hugely increased the audience for sound walks. His narrative combined with quality soundscapes recorded on foot in remote areas, has generated hundreds of thousands of new listeners to a phenomenon know as "Slow Radio".

Under your favorite tree

Zijpendaalseweg, Arnhem, Netherlands

Levice, CN, Italia

Saturday Sunset Sounds: Walk Listen Dream

Join us on September 5th 2020. Meeting point at 5.00 pm in Piazza del Municipio n.1, Levice (CN) Piedmont, Italy. Walking through the old path that lead from the small rural village to the top of the hill (langa), in silence, listening to the sounds emerging from the nature of this special rural area, and feeling the inner changes risen by this experience. Perceptions, emotions and memories might be shared once we rest at the first "listen and talk" session.


A leap into the sonic future: Taking stock of the possibilities of locative audio for drama – and drama for locative audio

These days it is possible to locate any form of media pretty much anywhere on the planet which has a GPS signal. The whole world is up for grabs as a readymade stage set. Changing the soundtrack to the ‘movie of our lives’ changes everything.


Sound as an art form; in conversation with Viv Corringham

Amanda Gutierrez and Ximena Alarcon will each present their artistic practice, followed by a conversation chaired by Viv Corringham. Three women artists working with sound as an art form.


Sounds from the Shoreline

75 minute on-line workshop in which you get to learn about planning, writing, recording, editing and locating a sound walk of your very own.


PANEL | FIELDWORK: listening to site

Please join us for a discussion between artists and scientists regarding the role field work plays in their practices.

Victoria Park, Grove Road, London, UK

Listen and walk to One Circuitous Path with creators

Starting at the Parnell Road entrance to Victoria Park, London, just by the Hertford Union Top Lock No. 1, join the creators and contributors to the sound walk One Circuitous Path as we walk and listen to the sound walk.

Cambridge Road Estate Resident Association, Kingston upon Thames, UK


Travelling and stumbling

If one travels on foot there are times that one will stumble. Not just physically but also accidental upon things, events or ideas that otherwise would not have occurred without walking.


Taking a Virtual Walk on the Wild Side

The covid-19 pandemic has led to a surge of interest in how we can experience and enjoy virtual nature and the great outdoors, by using digital technology, when staying in the safety of our homes.


Walking slowly while recording the unseen

Get behind the microphone to discover how one makes compelling audio recordings that engage both armchair listeners and those of us out and about on foot. We are delighted to have brought together four creatives who have travelled to remote places, revealed hidden histories, and captured the soundscapes and voices of past and present, to enable us to sit back in comfort or stride forward to listen to what is unseen.


Sounds from the Chase and Chalke

75 minute on-line workshop in which you get to learn about planning, writing, recording, editing and locating a sound walk of your very own.

Gunnersbury Park, Popes Lane, London, UK

Mindful Walking and Sounds Experience

It is always wonderfiul to be able to connect in a natural setting and so we will walk around Gunnersbury Park observing our walking action and also stopping to hear the sounds of nature and the city.

2000 South Summerlin Avenue, Orlando, FL, USA

Van Brienenoordbrug, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Weaving place, deep listening and the Sacred

Exploring the relationship of place, connection, walking the land and deep listening, from a range of perspectives, knowledges and disciplines including: First Nations, Law/Governance, Art, Philosophy, Māori cosmologies and Western Science.


Here and there

Practices and potential of transpositional locative sound art in performative arts. An online panel with NG Bristow, Richard Shannon, Ricardo Climent, Fred Adam and Geert Vermeire

Zuilen, Utrecht, Netherlands


Seeking tranquillity

Ximena Alarcon in discussion with landscape architect, Usue Riaz Aruna, musician and digital media artist, Ron Herrema and Richard Bentley of consultancy Small Silence.


TALK | ARTIST: Viviane Le Courtois

Artist talk with Viviane le Courtois has analysed how people everywhere in the world have preconceptions about people from what they wear.

Civico Planetario Ulrico Hoepli, Corso Venezia, 57, Milano, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy


On line meet up with composer Helen Ottaway: The role of movement in the participation in and appreciation of art

Movement is essential to life and art. Helen is interested in how we perceive movement, how we use it and how it changes us.


Plant(e)scape: walking as a botanical manifest / walking with plants

Simona Vermeire is researching and exploring the common grounds between the botanical world and walking, relating to vegetal or plant thinking to promenadology. She introduces us in her talk in the concept and visions of Plant(e)scape, into plant-thinking and plant-philosophy, relating her ideas to walking in nature, walking with plants and walking as becoming plants.