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After early worries due to the COVID pandemic, we were very excited to announce a varied programme of events taking place around the world during Sound Walk September 2020.

Participants were able to listen to stories, get closer to nature, travel to far away places, immerse themselves in different cultures, add their own voice, record the ambience, learn how to make sound walks, and submit their own work, as well as participate in lively debates, and intimate café conversations.

We facilitated online collaboration through 30 Days of Walking and Shorelines.

Sound Walk September 2020 in numbers:

Achievements from throughout the year:

Help was had

We were happy and lucky to be able to rely on the volunteer work provided by Liam Forrest and James Luce. Thanks!

A massive thanks to the SWS Advisory Board, who were key in identifying the winners and honourable mentions for the SWS20 Awards.

lonning, lonnin

Cumbrian dialect term for ‘lane’ – but a quite specific lane. Lonnings are usually about half a mile long, low level and often with a farm at the end. Many have specific names known only to the local villagers. Hence, Bluebottle Lonning, Lovers Lonning, Fat Lonning, Thin Lonning, Squeezy Gut Lonning or Dynamite Lonning. In the north-east the spelling is lonnin and seems to refer more to an alley than a country lane. The Scottish equivalent is ‘loan’.

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