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Despite the ongoing pandemic, we had more then 150 events and pieces submitted to Sound Walk September 2021.

Part of Sound Walk September 2021 was Sound Walk City · prelude, a festival of sound walks, performances and sound works, coinciding with Sound Walk September 2021, organised by Cona, and entered on the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana.

In numbers

Sound Walk September 2021 in numbers:

Achievements from throughout the year:

  • At the end of 2021, our library of walking pieces contained over 500 works.
  • We’ve started a weekly curated mailing list on MailChimp, migrated it to Sendy, and, at the end of 2021, had just short of 600 subscribers, with opening rates of around 50%.
  • We’re now offering paid supporting memberships, which is supporting our work with badly needed funds.
  • We grew registered memberships to over 2500 individuals.

Help was had

We’re very happy with the help from Benedetta Piccio and Margo Nsana. Benedetta had a focus on customer relations. Margo helped out with social media management, and design.


The first sense of snudging refers to being cheap, stingy, miserly, and Scrooge-like. Such penny-pinching behavior isn’t associated with great posture, and perhaps that’s why the word later referred to walking with a bit of a stoop. An English-French dictionary from 1677 captures the essence of snudgery: “To Snudge along, or go like an old Snudge, or like one whose Head is full of business.” Snudging is a little like trudging. Credits to Mark Peters.

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