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Due to the pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions of Sound Walk September started off on shaky footings, but, with extra experience, a supportive Advisory Board, financial support from multiple partners, and contributions from all over the world, SWS20 and SWS21 were a resounding success. Now, it’s time for a new edition.

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There’s a range of options available to you as to how you can work with us, including several options for sponsorship and financial support. Read up on how you can work with us.

And, if your heart is truly in the right place, consider becoming a supporting member.

Who is deciding on the shortlist?

The shortlist is decided on by the online jury, who score submissions against a set of weighted criteria. The highest scoring submissions make it to the shortlist.

Help was had

We were very happy to work with Goldsmiths University and Goodsted, through which we have participated in project placements for students. This year, we have the pleasure of working with Michael Woldemariam.

walking library

A library filled with books suggested as good to take for a walk. (Deirdre Heddon & Misha Myers, 2012)

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