Virtual Rambling

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"Virtual Rambling" is all about playing games focused on wandering through amazing environments on-foot. The focus of this group/project is to: i) Have fun – We love games, and we love exploring them, the games we focus on might not be to everyone’s tastes, but live and let live. ii) Discover – seek out new worlds, find developers and games you’d never heard of and check their stuff out 🙂 iii) Discuss – connect with other players and see what, how and why we love to immerse ourselves in game worlds We’ve…

Simon Depledge

Simon Depledge

Hello hello, You have stumbled upon Virtual Rambling. Basically I take a chilled out walk in a video game, exploring the surroundings, taking in sights, and talking about what I take away from the virtual world I’m in (but make those optional listenin...