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A short film documenting LINKED, a sound walk by Graeme Miller. Commissioned by the Museum of London and launched in 2003, LINKED is a sound work installed on lampposts across 3 miles of East London.

LINKED is an artistic response to the creation of the M11 Link Road in East London in the 1990s which involved the demolition of 400 homes, including Graeme’s own, amid dramatic and passionate protest.

It has endured as perhaps the largest sonic installation in London for 20 years. Since 2003 its transmitters have broadcast over a million times the voices of people who lived or worked in the area impacted by the road.

Recorded in London E11, UK


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snaffle, snoodle

These fanciful-sounding words have no definitive origin: They probably just sounded right to someone who was sauntering, which is what they both mean. An Oxford English Dictionary (OED) example from 1821 describes someone “soodling up and down the street.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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