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Sylvia Molina (Sweden/Spain) discusses 40 ARK|40DAYS, her sound-visual project based on the walk and drift through the  city of Stockholm.

Every day, the journey traveled is stitched (Black Notebook)  thus building the score on which the rest of the project will be built.  

In Sylvia Molina’s words: Touring the city between subways, trams, canals, and walks shakes up a world of  sound that invites you to listen, narrate, and experiment.  

Passing by the materials store, a notebook in the style of my Kintsugis catches me.  Its pages are also black; it looks like the black box of a trip. It is enough to read its  characteristics: 40 sheets. The notebook is Belgian but we are in Stockholm. I’m  looking in the translator; 40 ark.  

It is then that I realize that these are exactly the days that I will be here, so without  hesitation I buy the notebook. The saved paths will be stitched onto each of the  sheets. One leaf, one day. A walk, a sound journey. A palimpsest of sounds and  narrations that will be built simultaneously between threads, writings, recorded  sounds and the interactive ink that will serve as an interface to manage all of this  in studio number 2 of the EMS; the multichannel studio with sixteen speakers in  360º (Ambisonic).  

I print the map of the city. I establish the criteria of thread, sound materials,  narrations and interactions; 40 ARK|40DAYS is born.  

The ’40ark|40days’ project was born during the research stay at the EMS in  Stockholm thanks to the fellowship granted by the University of Castilla-La  Mancha (UCLM).  

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Sylvia Molina discusses 40 ARK|40DAYS, her sound-visual project based on the walk and drift through the city of Stockholm.

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This word has been around since the mid-1800s. Here it is in an 1864 issue of the journal Notes & Queries: “I have been pedestrianating through a corner of Oxfordshire.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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