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Becoming tree: a sensory walking, listening, touching activity (remote)

Becoming tree

This is an invitation for the group discussion following on a self-guided sensory walking activity explores the therapeutic benefits of engaging hands-on with paper whilst going on a walk and connecting with trees.

Participants that are signing up for the activity will receive in advance an activity pack that includes instructions for a self-guided walk and paper sheets. Participants on-site shall be directed to a collection point where the activity packs will be available, participants that join in remotely shall provide their consent for an activity pack being send to their preferred postal address.

After completing this activity in your own time, participants are invited to share experiences and creations in an online facilitated group discussion setting.

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Walking as a Question

4 - 17 Jul, 2021 · 109 items

2021-07-10 08:00
2021-07-10 08:00

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GPS, geo-poetic system

Geo-poetic system was a term coined by Lucy Frears during locative media art research (published 2017). The basis of geopoetics, a theory and practice developed by Scottish philosopher and poet Kenneth White, is to connect humans to the lines of the earth (White cited in McManus 2007: 183), or ‘what’s out there’ (Ingold 1993; 154; White 2005: 200; White 2006: 9). The contact White describes is often between the human mind and the earth, what he calls ‘landscape-mindscape’ (Legendre 2011: 121). Because of the embodied nature of locative media experiences using a smartphone in landscape for these walking art experiences using gps technologies Frears expanded this notion to being ‘landscape-mindscape-bodyscape’ (2017).

Added by Lucy Frears

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