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2022-02-22 19:00
19:00 UTC
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Join us for a discussion with computer scientist and independent researcher Eugenio Tisselli, on how to build and document collective, communal, memories, using digital tools.

Eugenio will discuss his project ojoVoz, an open source online-offline platform for the collaborative creation of community memories. Since 2011, he has worked with both urban and rural communities interested in presenting and re-presenting their common issues, and making them known to other members of their communities and the general public.
The ojoVoz platform allows groups of people to share their views and document their environment through geographically located pictures and sound recordings. These contents can be posted to a collaborative website, where they can be browsed using different criteria such as date, location or keyword.

In 2011, Eugenio started the Sauti ya wakulima project with a group of Tanzanian farmers, who used the ojoVoz platform to create an online-offline space for mutual learning. Then, in 2012, he worked with members of an indigenous community in Oaxaca, Mexico, who documented novel agricultural practices that took place in their fields. In that same year, the ojoVoz platform was used by scientific researchers to document, map and study the social and environmental impacts of solid residues and waste generated in Mexico City.
Later, in 2014, and also in Mexico City, he worked with a group of urban farmers who wanted to share their persistent practices of ancient agricultural traditions.

Since then the ojoVoz platform has been used by a multitude of artists, researchers, and activists in countries as far apart as Colombia or South Sudan.

After Eugenio’s presentation, there will be ample room for discussion, and questions.

Join us!

Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli

Eugenio Tisselli is a computer scientist and independent researcher. He holds a master's degree in Digital Arts, and has been awarded a Ph.D. degree by the University of Plymouth. As the director of the ojoVoz project, he has developed a software platform ...

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