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Death in New York Walking Tour

Death in New York

Trace more than four centuries of life and death in NYC on a tour of Battery Park, the Financial District, Tribeca, the Civic Center, and Chinatown (led by Death in New York author K. Krombie).

Find out about New York City’s indigenous Lenape burial sites
Discover the quarrels of New Amsterdam over burial space and new arrivals
Learn about the British prisons for American Patriots during the Revolutionary War
Hear about Manhattan’s riots, epidemics, and crucial changes in legislation
Peer at the islands of New York Harbor, forgotten burial grounds, a Manhattan jail, and a busy funeral industry street

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Submitted by: Babak Fakhamzadeh

2024-06-22 15:00
2024-06-22 15:00

75 Great Lawn Oval, New York, NY 10024, USA


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People who jog, run, and sprint have their share of problems that slow-moving people can barely comprehend. One is oversupination. As the OED defines it, to oversupinate is “To run or walk so that the weight falls upon the outer sides of the feet to a greater extent than is necessary, desirable, etc.” A 1990 Runner’s World article gets to the crux of the problem: “It’s hard to ascertain exactly what percentage of the running population oversupinates, but it’s a fraction of the people who think they do.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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