Distance Drift: future archaeology walk

Part of the Riddley Walker 40th anniversary celebrations.

Walk wherever you are, indoors or out, with fellow Riddley fans. Sum Tyms Bitin Sum Tyms Bit joins forces with Festival CHAT 2020, a celebration of contemporary and historical archaeology, to explore the here and now through the lens of Riddley’s world. Follow Sonia Overall @soniaoverall and #DistanceDrift on Twitter to receive playful prompts and connect with other walkers.

Sum Tyms Bytin Sum Tyms Bit is a collaboration created by Canterbury Christ Church University, The University of Kent and Feral Practice, in association with The Canterbury Festival and Festival CHAT 2020.

Date 25/10/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 10:00 UTC
10:00 UTC
Website URL
Online This event is online

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