Diving Horizontally

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Dawlish, UK

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2021-09-17 13:00
13:00 UTC

A walking workshop exploring memories and hopes for the seafront at Dawlish, Devon, UK.

Based on a sound walk we are currently making, we invite you to use creative map-making tools to make a personalised map from your memories, experiences and dreamings. First we’ll take a silent walk along the seafront to reengage with the sea, wall, and wind. Then, using photos and notes of locations of significance, each participant will be encouraged to deepen and share their past, present and future experiences of the seafront.

This walking workshop is for anyone who knows the seafront, in any capacity – from first time visitor to life long inhabitant – and wants to share their experiences and thoughts around the new seawall, coastal hazards and resilience.

These workshops are part of a larger National Oceanography Centre monitoring project, and the Walk With Us, AR walks, due to be launched proper in July 2022. https://walkwithus.uk/



Sarah Hymas is a text-based artist, living on Morecambe Bay. Her writing appears in print, exhibitions, videos, lyrics, on stage, and radio. Recent books include ‘melt' (Waterloo Press, 2020) and 'the hispering' (BlackSunflowers 2021). Her artistbooks ha...

Near Dawlish, UK

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