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Event details

2023-10-01 15:30
15:30 UTC

An international group of artists of “devised and object theatre” located in Prague invites for “dreamy walking”: performance, gathering, collective dreaming, and sound walking.

In the blue waiting room of Prague’s train station, Hlavni Nadrazni, in the place between worlds, 17:30 will be the meeting point for the journey of dreamers. From there, the magical vehicle will take the collective of dreamers to the hill. This evening, in the hidden part of the landscape of Prague, becomes a stage of dreams. What does the landscape dream about?

From the direction over the horizon, in the footsteps of dreams with the company of dreaming creatures, dreamy walking will follow to the place of the ancient sea.

The evening walk/ an adventure/ dreaming into a hidden part of Prague.
In the time of day when light meets darkness, walking will be a way of contemplation when the light comes to night on the city’s landscape.
The dreaming creatures accompany dreamers on the bedtime journey, bringing magical light into the dreams.

Dream with us, registration: [email protected]


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