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A Culture Days Soundwalk

Vancouver’s Cambie Street bisects through the centre of our city, weaving together various facets of daily urban life, while also mirroring similar development pressures in our Regional District and elsewhere. The City of Vancouver acknowledges the importance of the Cambie Corridor as a significant aspect of a sustainable, livable city comprised of neighbourhoods, amenities and services. Notable in the City’s Cambie Corridor Plan is its focus on creating the largest area of growth outside of Downtown, doubling the area’s population while also adding over 30,000 homes.

Continuing an ongoing investigation and critique of social institutions, this soundwalk will traverse a number of uses and power relations that encapsulate this microcosm of our contemporary urban landscape. Acknowledging these organizations, uses, rituals and customs function to the benefit or detriment of society, this soundwalk asks participants to consider past, present and future sounds, lives, and voices, both heard and unheard. Our approximately 75-minute investigation meanders through aspects of life and living, and is bookended on a leisure and playful theme.

Beginning at the meeting location, we overlap aspects of Westerkamp and McCartney’s 1997 soundwalk in Queen Elizabeth Park, another audible marker of historical sounds and experiences that echoes through the present into the future. Our walk concludes with an invitation to play, listen and contemplate at Myfanwy MacLeod and Shannon Oksanen’s public art installation Playtime, near the intersection of West 29th Avenue and Heather Street.

Join Jorma Kujala on Sunday 29 September 2019 2-3.30pm.

Meeting location: Outside entrance to Bloedel Conservatory, 4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park (nearest transit: Bus Route 33, stop # 61099, direction 29TH Ave Stn; Bus Route 15, stop # 50421, direction Cambie).This soundwalk will end near the intersection of West 29th Avenue and Heather Street.FREE EVENT!

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2019-09-29 14:00
2019-09-29 14:00

4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M4, Canada

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Walk: He’s traivelled mony a lang gaet.

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