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Poetry on the streams


A walking group will leave the city center of Olot for a 10 km walk to Falgars d’en bas where the source of the Riu Fluvia (local river) is located. On the way, the group will think together to create drawings, poems and small objects that will be kept into an eco-friendly floating capsule which will be put on the water at the river source. Hopefully the capsule will travel the Riu Fluvia river all the way down to the Mediterranean sea (84 km.) to find a recipient.

Participants: 8, including the guide
Duration: around 4 hours
Needs: a swimming suit

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Walking Arts and Relational Geographies

5 - 9 Jul, 2022 · 45 items

2022-07-07 14:00
2022-07-07 14:00

Olot, Spain

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1. Cockney music hall song-walk ‘for me dear old Dutch’. 2. Two of us walking in an anything but straight line (me and ‘er).

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