Separation &Unity

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Girona Cathedral, Plaça de la Catedral, Girona, Spain

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2022-07-06 19:00
19:00 UTC

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The spiritual-political-geographical link between my home Scotland and Cataluña is central to my walkshops. We have long been engaged in self-determination, with debates over community, national and inter-national relationships.

Taking the ancient spiritual path which unites the three conurbations, I will walk the Camí de Sant Jaume before joining you for the Program, collecting words, marks, sound segments and mapping.

During the meeting, we will make a ritual: three pilgrimages considering Separation and Unity. The trinity of walklets will allow us to compare sensations and feelings.

Each walk will consist of exercises for individuals, a group game, and ambulatory prompt.

Participants: 20 


6/7/22 9pm Girona: Cathedral – Pont de l’Agiua (40 mins)

7/7/22 6.30pm Olot: Plaça Major to Pont de Sant Roc (20 mins)

8/7/22 6.30pm Vic: Cathedral de Sant Pere de Vic to L’Atlàntida Centre des Arts (35 mins)


I walk secular pilgrimage and am a psychogeographer. No Birds Land was shortlisted for a Sound Walk September award, and Clipp’d Wings was featured on Walking Artists Network. In 2021, I contributed to Borrowed Time, the Urban Tree Festival, 4WCop, and made BodyWalking for Walking Arts Encounters (Prespa).

International Encounters Walking Art and Relational Geographies – Day tickets: 12 euros – 5 day tickets: 40 euros.

Tamsin Grainger

Tamsin Grainger

I am a walker, writer, collector of images and sounds, and Shiatsu practitioner. Until Covid-19 restricted my travel bug, I lived in Edinburgh for half the year and moved around Europe for the other 6 months. I am mostly in Scotland now, although have rece...

Near Girona Cathedral, Plaça de la Catedral, Girona, Spain

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