Solitude and the art of walking

Inspired by the night-time walks taken by Léon Spilliaert, our panel, including contemporary photographer Nadav Kander, and author Iain Sinclair explores the importance of solitude and walking in relation to creating art.
Solitude, melancholy and a sense of silence are frequently conveyed in Léon Spilliaert’s paintings, with his early works created in response to night-time walks he took through his home town of Ostend, Belgium.

Our panel including contemporary artist Nadav Kander and author Iain Sinclair, use Spilliaert’s work as a springboard to deliberate how solitude and walking can inspire or impede creativity and how artists represent these experiences in their work.

Further panellists to be announced.

Nadav Kander’s photographs emphasise the importance of contemplation, inviting the viewer to pause and pay attention to the fundamental issues of today. From his award-winning series Yangtze: The Long River through to his intimate portraits and nudes, Nadav Kander’s photographic work alludes to the quiet and emotive aspects of human experience.

Iain Sinclair has lived, worked and walked in East London for more than fifty years. Walking became his preferred method of urban exploration with books like London Orbital and Lights Out for the Territory. His latest project set in Peru is called The Gold Machine.

Date 15/04/2020
Time ICS/ICAL · gcal 18:30 UTC
18:30 UTC
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Cost £15, £9
Location Royal Academy of Arts, West Yard Entrance, London, UK

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