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Invitation to participate!

Solstice sunrise and sunset. Sky Share. A collective project.

Some of you will be aware that since April, I’ve be making a piece of work about the sky at 07:00 every day. Either way, it’s posted daily on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.
As I’m sure I’m not the only one getting up early and looking at the sky, I invite you to participate in making a collective piece of work on the Solstice. This year it falls on Tuesday 21st December.
Sunrise and sunset are wonderful time markers and especially poignant at the time of the Solstice, so the invitation is to stop whatever you’re doing, to look skywards and make two images of the sky directly above you (no horizons!) – one exactly at sunrise and one exactly at sunset, whatever the weather and wherever in the world you happen to be. Your images can be made by drawing, painting, photographing etc.

You can send a few words as well if you’d like, describing what you see and how you feel.

Crop your images to a square format and size it to be around 2Mb.

Send your images via to [email protected].

I will then assemble them together into a composite, post the results and send you a copy of the file

Please get back to me if you have questions.

This event has happened

21 Dec, 2021 · All day

Hosted by: Kel Portman
Multiple locations

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These fanciful-sounding words have no definitive origin: They probably just sounded right to someone who was sauntering, which is what they both mean. An Oxford English Dictionary (OED) example from 1821 describes someone “soodling up and down the street.” Credits to Mark Peters.

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