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Sonic Winds Soundwalk through downtown Lethbridge

What answers are blowing in the wind? Join artist Annie Martin and SoundGirls Alberta on September 24 for a Soundwalk in and around downtown Lethbridge. During this walk participants will be invited to listen with their whole body. The group will walk silently through some sheltered interior sonic environments and into the windy streets and parks of downtown Lethbridge.

Location: Galt Gardens @ Galt Gardens amphitheater area (adjacent to the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 3 Ave and 5 St S)

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2021-09-24 20:00
2021-09-24 20:00

Hosted by: Annie Martin & SoundGirl’s Alberta (Christina Milinusic)
Galt Gardens, Lethbridge, AB, Canada

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lonning, lonnin

Cumbrian dialect term for ‘lane’ – but a quite specific lane. Lonnings are usually about half a mile long, low level and often with a farm at the end. Many have specific names known only to the local villagers. Hence, Bluebottle Lonning, Lovers Lonning, Fat Lonning, Thin Lonning, Squeezy Gut Lonning or Dynamite Lonning. In the north-east the spelling is lonnin and seems to refer more to an alley than a country lane. The Scottish equivalent is ‘loan’.

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