Soundwalk Sunday Soundwalk: Playing the Burrard Bridge with Sound

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999 Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6E 4M2, Canada

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2019-09-01 14:00
14:00 UTC

Explore resident made walking trails in the False Creek area of Vancouver, Canada, in the company of sound artists. (Green Streets Community Garden, located under the Burrard Bridge)

Hosted by Matthew Ariaratnam, Elizabeth Ellis, Julie Hammond, Helena Krobath, Brady Marks, and Pietro Sammarco

Hosted by artists from the Vancouver Soundwalk Collective and the Soundscape Show (Co-op Radio 100.5 FM), join us in turning the Burrard Bridge into a giant musical instrument. The railings of Burrard Bridge create multi-tonal sounds, launching vibrations that reach the walkers behind. In this ‘noisewalk’, we will form a chain of bridge players, creating a mass of resonant pitches with everyday implements. We will provide a few light implements, such as maple stems and spoons—or bring your own!

Bridges are engineering feats designed to carry heavy loads, span wide spaces, and resist the elements. They create crossing points at some locations and not others and are often windy, noisy, and bare—a place to cross quickly, despite panoramic views. In this soundwalk, we re-consider the bridge as a place to play. Rather than hurrying, we invite participants to explore a thought, feeling, or intention through sound, allowing the large vibrations of the bridge railings to mingle with the noise of others.

All are welcome; no musical experience necessary. Listeners welcome.

This soundwalk will take place rain or shine. Please be sure to wear appropriate footwear and clothing. The walk involves a set of stairs at each end of the bridge and a slow walk across the bridge itself. It lasts for one hour. If you have any mobility concerns please contact [email protected]. The Soundwalk is free, no need to book in advance.  

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Near 999 Beach Ave, Vancouver, BC V6E 4M2, Canada


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