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23 Feb, 2024 · All day

Dear colleagues
I thought you may like to celebrate – Terminalia:

February 23rd

Terminalia was an ancient Roman festival in honour of the god Terminus, who presided over boundaries.

A provocation:
On February 23rd where ever you happen to be, take a walk along a boundary.

It can be circular or linear
It can be of any size you chose
It could range from a walk along the boundary between countries, counties or property.
It could be a walk around the boundary of your local park, garden, your living room or tent
It could mark the edge of a desert, a river or the sea,
It could be the boundary of your own comfort zone

Make a piece of work in response to this in any medium you wish, from just the walk to mark making; from to video, to the written or spoken word

Work will be chosen from a final number of 15 artists, then assembled into a short video presentation.
The video format is 1920×1080 pixels landscape.
Please recognise that photographs, drawings etc will need to fit this size

Videos and voice recordings
Videos and sound/voice recordings should be no longer that 2 minutes

Written Word
Please be aware that video isn’t best medium for reading lengthy text.
Each screen can contain around 60 words which will take about 25 seconds to read – so please limit your work to 4 screens worth

Please include a brief statement of no more than 50 words, that may reflect on your experience.
Include your location at the bottom of your text – this can be in the form of your general location…
(My location is likely to be Edge, Stroud, Gloucestershire UK)
You could also include a map reference or if you feel particularly adventurous try using your location from http://www.what3words.com
(here’s the location for a place in Oxford UK: https://w3w.co/pretty.needed.chill)

Include a map, either a formal, official map like Ordnance Survey, or one of your own making.

Please get back to me ([email protected]) if you’d like to participate or have questions

There’s no entry fee for the provocation – just enjoy it

Please submit your work by 1st March 2024 using http://www.wetransfer.com using my email address: [email protected]

have fun

Best Wishes

Kel Portman

Kel Portman

Kel Portman

Marŝarto23 shortlisted

Kel Portman is an artist, curator, independent researcher and educator. Co-founder of walking artists collective Walking the Land Former senior lecturer in printmaking, photography and digital arts at The London College of Printing (now the London Colleg...

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