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Under constant threat


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2021-10-05 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Under Constant Threat
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Artist Guilherme Peters, and journalist Andrea Dip, will screen their film Under Constant Threat (Sob Constante Ameaça), a short film based on interviews with around 2500 women, on the constant threat they are faced with while walking on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The screening will be accompanied by an overview of the work of Guilherme and Andrea, followed by a discussion on the subject of the film.

In the big cities of Brazil, women do not occupy the urban space in the same way as men, for fear of gender violence. They tend to avoid places like alleys, bridges and walkways, think about schedules and clothes before leaving the house, and take detours on their paths.
These are not concerns of men who walk the same streets.

This fear, as well as the consequences and subjectivity of taking part in the life of the city, set the tone for the documentary Under constant threat. Interviews with CIS women, trans women, trans men, white women, black women, migrants, visually impaired, and wheelchair users, were recorded, and an online survey receiving 2590 responses, brought impressive data to the fore, such as that 89% of women do not walk in alleys and 93% avoid walking at the night through the city.

Under Constant Threat creates a continuous suspense – experienced by the women in their real routines, and conveyed through speech: “One of the things that is very common, is I don’t know if I’ll come home in one piece”.

The film contains shots that can be seen both from the perspective of the characters and that of a possible aggressor, putting the viewer in a place of tension.

Andrea Dip


Andrea Dip is a director and editor at Agência Pública of Investigative Journalism in Brazil. Maintains a weekly column at UOL about gender, politics, religion and their intersections. Andrea has worked with journalism focused on human rights since 2001 ...

Guilherme Peters

Guilherme Peters


Guilherme Peters, 1987, São Paulo. He makes works that move between video, performance, installation and cinema. He is represented by Galeria Vermelho since 2011. He has held solo exhibitions such as: 2019 – Don't think about crisis, work – Galeria Ve...

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