Unseen Soundwalks: Warsaw Rising ’44 Bike Tour

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2020-07-25 09:30
09:30 UTC

Commemorating this year’s anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising, Culture.pl and the Warsaw Rising Museum are releasing a series of 10 immersive audiowalks in both English and Polish, covering this period’s most significant events.

On 25 July 2020, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Warsaw Rising Museum will take you on a Nextbike Polska bike tour that will allow you to see the city from a different perspective.

Our experts – John Beauchamp, the audio producer of the soundwalk, together with the Museum guides Ola Duda and Marcin Kaczorowski – will speak about the history of your surroundings and its landmarks.

Meeting point: pl. Powstańców Warszawy at 11:30 am
Please download the Echoes app to your mobile device prior to the tour, and bring your earphones.

– A maximum of 30 people can participate
– In order to participate you need to fill in the form: https://forms.gle/EMzLJ7rkDVzcVbYK7
– Visitors and participants of events are subject to the safety distance principle, which is 2 meters (the rule does not apply to carers of children under 13 years of age and people with disabilities requiring assistance from an assistant).
– The organizers reserve the right to cancel the event in the event of a sudden break in the weather, of which they will inform the registered participants via email.

The series is the second season of Culture.pl’s Unseen Soundwalks, a geolocative show about the history of invisible places on the map of the Polish capital. After the first season’s roam through Defilad Square in the heart of the city, the time has come to present the most important stories from occupied wartime Warsaw.

Unseen Soundwalks: Warsaw Rising ‘44 will be available as a podcast on most popular audio platforms, but the full experience has been designed for the Echoes geolocative app, where all the episodes will be available to visitors as they walk around Warsaw itself. In this way, they get to hear the stories about this fierce battle against the Nazi German occupiers in the very same places where they happened.

John Beauchamp

John Beauchamp

SWS Award winner

John is a Polish-British independent audio producer based in Warsaw. In another life he was the English Desk Editor at Polish Radio and has worked with radio stations in Poland as well as across Europe and beyond. John works with the Adam Mickiewicz Ins...

Near plac Powstańców Warszawy, Warszawa, Polska

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