Walk With Us

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14 May - 2 Oct, 2022

Walk With Us is an international, walking-based art exhibition in which fifteen artists share their discoveries and artistic extrapolations from the social, physical, and psychic landscapes they explored while walking. This exhibition will be presented in the non-gallery spaces (hallways, elevators, alcoves, etc.) of the Art Center to reflect both the wandering, way-finding, and exploratory nature of walking-based art, and the shifting terrain covered by the artists.

John Schuerman

John Schuerman

Artist and Independent Curator in Minneapolis, MN

Near Rochester, MN, USA

  • Reading and Walking

    Frost, Again

    · 9 Jan, 2023
  • Reading and Walking

    Frost Walk

    · 4 Jan, 2023
  • martin.p.eccles: walk tim...

    Monday 4th May

    Martin Eccles
    · 4 May, 2020
  • Radical Stroud

    FGR and WW1

    · 23 Nov, 2018
  • Don Gill - Walking

    Day 237 – Elk River

    Don Gill
    · 9 Nov, 2020

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