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2021-07-15 18:00
18:00 UTC
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Already the first works of art -hundred thousand years ago- were made by people on the move, on foot, gathering in places celebrating the environment and landscape in cave and rock drawings, in songs and stories, and in dances. What does it mean to draw and shape, to perceive and sense color, to leave a trace and symbols, to compose words in a poetic expression, to introduce new body movements? In East and West, for centuries, painters, poets, dancers were walking in the landscape (natural and urban) and finding sources of reference or inspiration.

Walking stories are carried in memory and remain existing for as long as there is a body to carry them. Walking is not characterized by one solid approach; it can be drifting, wandering, strolling, aimless, or purposeful. Each one of these practices suggests a body that remembers and they are introducing different approaches of storytelling.
Barthes talks about narrative as a human condition, present at all times, at all places, in all societies. Walking is becoming aware, of the physical conditions of the environment, of the creation of an own space in relation to the act of walking. The walker (re)composes and writes the landscape through walking, in a multimodal and multidimensional manner, or to refer to Certeau: walking is writing without being able to see the text. This makes the landscape migrational, metaphorical. A narration can be the outcome of a scenario set by the creative walker to be applied in various places and on several occasions.

Speakers are Effie Yiannopoulou (Greece), JeeYeun Lee (US), Marie-Anne Lerjen and Simone Etter (HUB Switzerland), Christopher Kaczmarek (US) and Deirdre Macleod (UK), moderated by Yannis Ziogas, Associate Professor, Department of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia (Greece)

Speakers were asked to record a presentation and make it available to attendees, as a starting point for further discussion. Available presentations:

Final video of Telegraph (Prespa) by Christopher Kaczmarek (US) and Deirdre Macleod (UK) will be presented at the Café.

Effie Yiannopoulou (Greece)

Yannis Ziogas

Yannis Ziogas

Yannis Ziogas was born in Thessaloniki (Greece, 1962). His main visual practices are painting, installation work and walking. He is Dean and Associate Professor at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Visual Arts, University of Western Macedo...



Marie-Anne Lerjen is a walking artist from Zurich (Switzerland). Since 2011 she has been working under the label of “lerjentours. Agency for Walking Culture”. Her interest is in walking as a method to gain embodied knowledge about places, spaces, thing...

Simone Etter

Simone Etter

#collectiveArtPractice #creatingplatforms #investigativeArt #empowermentArt #encounteringArt #Artagainstcapitalism #participatingArt ...

Effie Yiannopoulou

Effie Yiannopoulou

Effie Yiannopoulou teaches English and Anglophone literature and cultural theory at the School of English at Aristotle University, Greece. She has an interest in twentieth-century women’s writings, Black-British and British-Asian literature, postcolonial...

Christopher Kaczmarek

Christopher Kaczmarek

Christopher Kaczmarek is a New York based artist whose work spans both experimental and traditional practices, including sculpture, site specific installations, performance, video, built circuits and solar-powered objects. His work is often interactive and...

Deirdre Macleod

Deirdre Macleod

Deirdre’s artistic practice sits between contemporary art and the discipline of human geography. She uses a range of fieldwork methods and observational strategies to reveal and frame material and experiential aspects of cities, using drawing and movemen...


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