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Walking Piece SWS20
A Different LENS

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020 delivered through

Kent, UK

Walking Piece SWS20
Forest Talk Radio: Old Growth

David Merleau in partnership with the Municipality of Temagami

Temagami, ON, Canada

Walking Piece SWS20
A Garden Through Time

Headingley, Leeds, UK

Walking Piece SWS20
“Easter Sound-day” Spring Treasure Hunt

Clonbur, County Galway, Ireland

Walking Piece SWS20
30 Days of Walking: Sound Walk September 2020

walk · listen · create

Walking Piece SWS20
A Meeting Place | 会议地点

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art

Chinatown, Manchester, UK

Walking Piece SWS20

Drifting bodies - Fluent Spaces, walking arts encounters/conference, Guimaraes (Portugal) - Made of Walking (VII)

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Walking Piece SWS20

Arboretum members: Anne Versailles, Elspeth ’Billie’ Penfold, Fay Stevens, Hira Sheikh, Joan Kelly, Tracey Benson

Walking Piece SWS20
Bath Workhouse Burial Ground: Walking the Names

Small field opp Oolite Road, Wellsway, Bath, UK (approx post code BA2 2UD)

Walking Piece SWS20
Carrington Moss Sound Garden

Creative England funded a mentorship process in support of the production of this work

Birch Rd, Carrington, Manchester M31 4RA, UK