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Walking Piece SWS22
Are you a Ghost Hunter? An Audio Trail of The Old Church

Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 9ES, UK

St Mary’s Old Church is London’s only surviving Elizabethan churchyard, where the tombstone inscriptions have been lost to weather and time. This self-directed audio trail pieces together the fragments of story. Produced October 2021.

Walking Piece SWS22
Birling Gap

Isabella Bonner-Evans

Birling Gap, Eastbourne, UK

An audio piece about the mythical landscape of Birling Gap – a wild cliffy landscape in East Sussex, UK

Walking Piece SWS22
A Week To Walk A Fortnight

Corporation Row, London, UK

Walking Piece SWS22
England Coast Path Storywalks

Ordnance Survey - Secret Stories app

12 heritage trails along the England Coast Path in Somerset, revealing the hidden history of each location and all sewn together with curious Somerset dialect words.

Walking Piece SWS22
For the Sake of a Single Poem: a Benedictine monk’s meditations on Rilke

Saint John's Abbey, Collegeville, MN

Beginning with a reading of Rilke's "For the Sake of a Single Poem", before a statue of a young monastic, Benedict, sequential echoes utilize space and place to weave together spoken and musical meditations on Rilke's take on creativity and loss.

Walking Piece SWS22
Hilbre Island at High Tide

Hilbre Island, Wirral, UK

I compiled sounds recorded during a walk around Hilbre Island during high tide, when the island is cut off from mainland Wirral. I wanted to document the atmosphere of the island, for anyone unwilling or unable to make the journey themselves.

Walking Piece SWS22
historicity: London – A TALE OF TWO CITIES

Angus Lockyer, Jelena Sofronijevic

London, UK


Walking Piece SWS22
A Linguistic Bestiary of Oyster Island


New York, NY, USA

A parable about rising oceans, human violence, and the strangeness of our mortal coil, which plays out on a tiny, Atlantis-like speck of rock in the middle of New York Harbor.

Walking Piece SWS22
An Evening Symphony, with Barbed Wire

Exeter, UK

A Sound Walk podcast conversation. Composer Emma Welton walks, listens and talks with artist Volkhardt Müller an Exeter-based multidisciplinary artist with a professional interest in landscape, how people shape it and how it shapes people.

Walking Piece SWS22
Back on the Drom: Steps in Time (episode 1)

The listener joins our hosts Livvi & Gus as they explore the old ruin of Moore Hall, near Lough Cara Co. Mayo. Although one is not required to listen in situ, it would certainly enhance the experience - safely exploring as one listens to the piece.