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Walking Piece SWS22
Rise Up, and Mitcham Common

1. Rise Up is a song about where the edge of a city merges with nature 2. Mitcham Common is a song about hidden treasures in overlooked urban green spaces

Walking Piece SWS22
Memento mori: a walk through Soho

Using John Snow's 1854 report on cholera, this walk is an opportunity to re-see Soho, to look with new eyes at the people around us and at ourselves, all of us flesh-covered bones whose hearts are still beating. Remember death, remember life.

Walking Piece SWS22
Paving the way: an exploration of socially engaged female walking practices through sonic art

Originally created to accompany a research thesis, the audio tapestry presents opportunity to reflect on the role of sonic arts within participatory walking practices, exploring connection between two female walkers, and the space they move through.

Walking Piece SWS22
Sounding Belfast During COVID-19 (Lockdowns)

This project reflects through an auditory and sonic art perspective how the city sounds like without the presence of humans or the normal amount of human density in popular areas in public spaces of Belfast.

Walking Piece SWS22
England Coast Path Storywalks

Ordnance Survey - Secret Stories app

12 heritage trails along the England Coast Path in Somerset, revealing the hidden history of each location and all sewn together with curious Somerset dialect words.

Walking Piece SWS22
Dulverton Heritage Audio Trails

South West Heritage Trust

Voices of Dulverton; an audio trail comprising of interviews from elderly residents and their early memories of Exmoor. Curated by Christopher Jelley from recordings and interviews by Birdie Johnson recorded around the turn of the millennium.

Walking Piece SWS22
Back on the Drom: Steps in Time (episode 1)

The listener joins our hosts Livvi & Gus as they explore the old ruin of Moore Hall, near Lough Cara Co. Mayo. Although one is not required to listen in situ, it would certainly enhance the experience - safely exploring as one listens to the piece.

Walking Piece SWS22
Granite Blessings of the Woman’s Stone: Clach Bhan

Three quarters of the way up a mountain in the rugged Cairngorms of rural Scotland is a site that was precious to women for generations. We walk this mountain to search for this site, exploring what significance it holds for the modern day.

Walking Piece SWS22

Re/collections is the final prototype of PhD research into 3D locative audio for public engagement in urban outdoor heritage sites. It was presented as part of Heritage Open Days 2022 in partnership with The Regency Town House.

Walking Piece SWS22
Night Walk: Walking Clifton Downs and Ladies Mile at midnight

Night-Walk is an output of the Walking and Re-Creation project. Our project responds to our belief that social and health inequalities are linked. and uses a historical lens on walking to address unequal access to pedestrianism in our own moment.

Walking Piece SWS22
WILD EYE – Audio postcards from the North Yorkshire coast

Invisible Dust

A series of audio postcards travelling the the coastal landscape from Scarborough to Whitby in North Yorkshire.

Walking Piece SWS22
historicity: London – A TALE OF TWO CITIES

Angus Lockyer, Jelena Sofronijevic