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Walking Piece
The Secret Sound of Trees

Sound UK

A 25 minute soundwalk, with narration, that can be listened to in any location - ideally in a forest.

Walking Piece SWS23
Who Ate all the Pies?

Radhika Aggarwal/ Echo Chamber Audio

A GPS triggered audio quest for families on The Isle of Dogs inspired by open world video games. Families will find clues, get letters & solve this playful whodunnit, encountering some very interesting suspects before tucking into pie & mash.

Walking Piece SWS23
Songs of Hope


A song cycle audio walk: a sonic discovery of songs and soundscape responses to the Emily Dickinson poem “Hope” is the thing with feathers. Composer Laura Reid has recorded songs and sound-scapes in site responsive locations in London and Dorset.

Walking Piece SWS23
Look at these Big F**king Trees!! (How To Draw A Tree)

Jordie Lescard (University of Guelph Undergrad student living with mental illness)

With humour, candour and a gentle heart, Jordie tells the story of his youth and his not-so-typical journey to higher education; he being the first in his family to attend university.

Walking Piece SWS23
Finding Home (How To Draw A Tree)

Carey West

Carey’s walk explores The Arboretum and makes connections with the Ward neighbourhood in Guelph where she lives.

Walking Piece SWS23
Semi-Colon (How To Draw A Tree)

Abhiraj Dadiyan

This piece is one of 4 participatory works created with and produced by Audio Artist Dawn Matheson as part of her How To Draw A Tree (“to draw” here meaning “to attract”) multimedia soundwalk project.

Walking Piece SWS23
Is There a Place for REVOlution? or Peace and Biscuits

A sound walk and related art installation in the Ferry Road tunnel of the Edinburgh cycle path network. The pedestrian can use a QR code to listen on a mobile phone. Inspired by graffiti - found text and images from the local area.

Walking Piece SWS23
North Tyneside Sound Walk 2022

Hand Of

The North Tyneside Sound Walk is an alternative audio guide to North Tyneside created by 30 Year 7 pupils from Marden High School. The three chapters take you from North Shields, along the the River Tyne, and around the North Tyneside coast line.

Walking Piece SWS23
Head, Hand and Heart

Curious Lightning

Intended to be used with the Echoes App the walk begins at Maria’s birthplace (1 Vestal St.) and moves through town, to the Wompanaug Stomp Grounds, ocean, and culminates at the Maria Mitchell Gallery at 33 Washington St. Nantucket, USA. It may also be experienced using SoundCloud by clicking the website link.

Walking Piece SWS23
Πεζό (Pezo)

In this piece, the act of walking appears in a participatory form, pre-designed walk in urban space. During the walk the participants follow auditory instructions that invite them to activate their senses.

Walking Piece SWS23
Palanca [The Passing] 7 walks at Giudecca Venice [4 notes of a diary] 2023

Palanca [The Passing]. Music piece of a city walk near Palanca, Guidecca Venice. Music, field recordings, monologue, mixing and production by Stefaan van Biesen.

Walking Piece SWS23
Future Food Visions

The Future Food Visions project features nine audio experiences that respond to a broad range of food security and food justice issues in the Guelph-Wellington region of Ontario, Canada.