Cody Words Walk

CC-BY-NC: Stephen Shiell

As Artist in Residence at Cody Dock, Stephen Shiell worked with writer Melaina Barnes on a composition inspired by the natural, industrial and historical landscapes of the dock that sits on the banks of the River Lea.

The composition is made with field recordings, music box and voice, using one-minute observational poems written by Melaina during her time as writer-in-residence at Cody Dock.

The composition follows a circular walk from Star Lane station(London E16 4SR) along South Crescent to Cody Dock, through the Dock and along the River Lea path before turning back into the industrial estate to come back to Cody Dock.

Since 2013
Hosted by Stephen Shiell
Website URL
Duration 12 minutes
Location Star Lane DLR Station (Platform 1), London E16 4SR, UK

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