Decolonising Green Spaces – A Radio Walk in the Chilterns, with Dr Geeta Ludhra.



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Language English
Duration 40 minutes
Cost Free

Dr Geeta Ludhra lives in the Chilterns, she is the daughter of first-generation South Asian parents who emigrated from India in the early 1960s. She is a Lecturer in Education at Brunel University, where she is also engaged in academic research.
Geeta walked and talked with Jonathan Kempster at Chiltern Open Air Museum, telling the story of her life journey so far, and her ambition to ‘decolonise’ the countryside and promote intercultural dialogue, developing safe and inclusive green spaces for all.

Part of Heritage Stories oral history collection at Chiltern Open Air Museum:…e/heritage-stories/
Oral History and audio production by Jonathan Kempster.
Outreach Organiser at COAM: Jacqui Gellman.
Press & Marketing Officer at COAM: Helen Light.

Find out about Dadima’s walks and talks here:


Produced by Jonathan Kempster in association with Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Jonathan Kempster

Jonathan Kempster

Online Jury 2022 Online Jury 2024

Freelance Oral Historian and Audio Journalist. BBC Radio News 1986-2021; Imperial War Museum Sound Archive 2016-present. Recorded interviews outdoors during COVID pandemic, some published in the podcast series 'Radio Walks'. Born, raised, and walking...

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