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Flowalking ~ Sava Soundscape

CC-BY-NC: mu

The project Flowalking ~ Sava by MU—Metod & Una is centred around an artistic action, a thru-hike, along the 992 km long river Sava flowing through western Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia). The action—spanning from the Julian Alps to Belgrade—was carried out in the summer of 2022 over 38 days, covering 880 km, out of which 730 km was done on foot.

The Flowalking ~ Sava has offered to slow down in the in-depth experience of the landscape and life along the river flow. The project is diving into relevant cultural, geo-political, historical and other topics encouraging critical thought between Metod and Una, those who joined their action, and among people whom they met on their way. Specifically, this artistic research project has been addressing questions about the ecology of the river and nature in general, how the river is perceived historically, what are cultural specificities of life along the river, the transition of the Balkan countries since the 90s, as well as, relevant migrant topics of then and now. MU are always interested in connecting with a variety of views rather than seeking definitive answers—wishing to engage with people on their journey, as well as, with visitors during the exhibitions that present the action and their accompanying events.

The project Flowalking ~ Sava (2022), the second in a series of projects, is part of the action- and process-based journeys along river flows that defy geography, history and cultures. MU’s Flowalking series began with Flowalking ~ Soča (2020), while in summer 2023 they walked Sava’s tributary—Una river.

The project Flowalking ~ Sava (2022) was presented as a multidisciplinary exhibition at the Glass Atrium, City Hall, Slovenia, 2022–2023 and Jakopič Gallery, MGML, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2023 for the international day of Sava river.


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