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Cat and ___ ? ABC 123 DEF ___ ?
The mechanisms that our brain uses to fill in the blanks are made up of complex, cognitive processes. What collection of experiences and different reference systems have our internalized systems gathered so that they can quickly form our answers and decisions? We’re constantly breaking down complex information into bite-size chunks in fractions of a second. But how accurate is our internal autopilot? What if instead of after “cats and…” a dog doesn’t follow but allergies instead? What does context, formulation, order, have to do with my perception and interpretation of information? And what happens when we apply our automatic reactions and snap decisions to fields that have real consequences. We are not talking about dogs and cats anymore, but about propaganda, populism, fake news and discrimination. How big is the gap between assumptions and perceived truths and facts and research?
Hammer & Egg is designed for the streets of Hamburg’s HafenCity. To experience the interactive audio walk, participants must be present on-site. However, during the creation of HAMMER&EGG, the script was written piece-by-piece allowing HELLA LUX to adapt the walk to other locations easily. This enables us to incorporate local discourse and invite new audiences to enjoy a localized version of Hammer & Egg.



HELLA LUX is an artistic collective that creates new formats for an intergenerational audience. With collaborators from dramaturgy, sound, performance and video, artistic works and research projects are created. In our work, we interweave the transformatio...

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