Hydrology: Earth Optimism

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​Hydrology explores the diverse sonic properties of aquatic ecosystems that cover over 70% of Earth’s surface. The sounds have been recorded using hydrophones (underwater microphones) in freshwater and marine ecosystems across the planet. The featured soundscapes include snapping shrimp on coastal reefs in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve of Mexico, melting ice in Norway’s Kvina River and Humpback Whales along the Queensland coastline. This piece also connects with the voices of water protectors and river communities across the world.

Hydrology in Washington, DC has been created for the Earth Optimism Summit, April 21-23. Earth Optimism celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution in the area of global conservation with an unprecedented gathering of thought leaders, scientists, environmentalists, artists, civic leaders and international media.

Hydrology is created by Leah Barclay
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Leah Barclay

Leah Barclay

Leah Barclay is an Australian sound artist, composer and researcher working at the intersection of art, science and technology. She specialises in electroacoustic music, acoustic ecology and emerging fields of biology exploring environmental patterns and c...

Near Washington, District of Columbia, United States

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