Instamatic #6 Prague

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Prague, Czechia

Walking piece details

Duration 72 minutes
Cost £5

In 2010 Jez Riley French visited Prague again for a few days….the few days turned into a week due to volcanic ash closing the airspace over Europe….he walked around Prague sometimes recording, sometimes not….just walking & listening & looking – for his own pleasure….on the eventual long coach journey back to the UK he listened back to the recordings & found them to have captured ‘something’….an evocative representation of the rich filigree of sounds that came & went on those walks….

Jez Riley French

Jez Riley French

my work involves a focus on located listening and recording, including the development and use of extended techniques, photographic scores and encouraging discussion around the borders of sound and sound culture. As an installation artist and music / sound...

Near Prague, Czechia

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