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“Maverick” random walking piece

Multiple locations
English, Russian, Georgian


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creating encounters

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walking as research.

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Walking piece

The Pilgrim Cards app is your gateway to immersive storytelling and exploration. It offers a collection of decks, each featuring a blend of task cards and hint cards in various formats, such as text, audio, and photos. These decks are tailor-made for specific locations, be it a cozy coffee shop, a charming boutique, a unique building, or even the comfort of your own room.

With Pilgrim Cards, you’ll discover a new way to perceive your surroundings as it weaves your observations and actions into a captivating narrative that’s unique to each location you explore. The app’s script and mechanics are thoughtfully crafted for each deck, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience every time you embark on a new adventure.

The Maverick deck is your ticket to spontaneous journeys through cities and towns across the globe. This dynamic deck adapts to your current locale, making it playable in any town or city you find yourself in. The deck offers 20 randomized tasks for solo adventurers or pairs, ensuring fresh and unique experiences with every shuffle. Ideal for exploration enthusiasts.


Maria Staroselets - Creative Director
Alexey Staroselets - UX, Art Director
Pavel Evsaev - Technical Director
Sergey Pugach - Senior Developer
Alina Zhurina - Dramaturg
Hosted by: Locus Praxis team

APA style reference

Locus Praxis (2023). “Maverick” random walking piece. walk · listen · create.

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Cats aren’t known for clomping around like Clydesdales; they’re stealthy. That’s why cat-footing refers to walking that’s more subtle and graceful than that of the average oaf. In Harry L. Wilson’s 1916 book Somewhere in Red Gap, this word appears in characteristic fashion: “…I didn’t yell any more. I cat-footed. And in a minute I was up close.” Cat-footing is a requirement for a career as a cat burglar. Credits to Mark Peters.

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