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One Circuitous Path: a retelling of the minotaur myth

CC-BY-NC: Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone
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Ever wondered what was really at the heart of the labyrinth in Crete? Ever considered what Ariadne might have to say about the betrayal of her father and her love for Theseus? Ever wondered whether you can really control your destiny? Here is your chance to see the minotaur myth in a completely different light. Inspired by the original myth of the minotaur and the idea of walling things in (or out), forcing people to take a specific route, as well as thinking about how stories of events often favour the victor or survivor, One Circuitous Path rethinks the monster and rediscovers the voice of Ariadne.

A soundwalk with voice and music, One Circuitous Path lasts just over 20 minutes. The idea is to listen to the piece on the move. You can start your walk anywhere, but whenever you come to a fork in the road, you must always take the righthand path.

The words were written by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone and the music by Ruth Bulman. Ariadne is played by Bronwen Price and Dionysus and the minotaur are played by Christopher Simpson.

The soundwalk will be available from September 1st 2020 to download or stream from my website:

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