OUTandDOORS – Düsseldorf

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Corneliusplatz, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Walking piece details

Duration 45 minutes

OUTandDOORS - Düsseldorf


OUTandDOORS - Düsseldorf


You follow a voice that seems to be more digital than analog and it knows more about your city than you do. But the voice is puzzled and needs you to provide it with new data records as they continuously ask: What is this “public space” anyway and who does it belong to?

In a 45-minute walk, which you experience via headphones, you move through the city and listen to a global choir of voices. Together, guided by this dubious voice, you will explore places from all over the world while walking down familiar streets. The urban space comes with rules and borders, visible and invisible lines that lead our paths through a space that first appeared open and borderless. Does a person from Chongqing ask themself the same questions as a person from Haifa? After a while, fiction and reality intertwine and you lose your sense of direction. Did you just hear a bicycle where there was none? Are you sinking deeper into the digital space that connects us all? And what kind of glances do you feel on your skin as you walk down the street?

For the audiowalk OUTandDOORS, the artist collective HELLA LUX worked together with young creatives from 8 countries and 9 cities all across the world – Chiba, Reading, Warsaw, Moscow, Düsseldorf, Chongqing, Chemnitz, Haifa and Palermo. The jointly produced audiowalk explores public space(s) and guides its listeners through their city while secretly observing strangers from a distance, recognizing patterns and the joy of the little moments while diving deeper into the concept of the outdoors. HELLA LUX is pleased to invite you to this audio experience that literally puts perspectives from all over the world on public space into your ears.

The premiere of OUTandDOORS in Düsseldorf was hosted by FFT Düsseldorf, Germany. Now, the site-specific audiowalk OUTandDOORS in Düsseldorf is free of charge accessible via the App Storydive.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Gouvernment Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as the Farmont Foundation.


Artistic Directors: Lenja Busch and Milena Wichert
Sounddesign: Rupert Jaud
Project Assistance: Judith Hesselmann
Voice: Petya Alabozova
Outside Eye: Liljan Halfen
Producer: Valerie Witt
Translation: Robin Gilham

With the voices of young people from Reading, Warsaw, Moscow, Palermo, Chiba, Chongqing, Haifa, Chemnitz and Düsseldorf.



HELLA LUX is an artistic collective that creates new formats for an intergenerational audience. With collaborators from dramaturgy, sound, performance and video, artistic works and research projects are created. In our work, we interweave the transformatio...

Near Corneliusplatz, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

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