over borders #1

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Walking piece details

To coincide with WLC2021 we’ll be publishing ‘over borders #2’, and we’d also like to share with participants the first collection of scores, curated by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law


This collection began as an idea to share some of our own scores* connected to the concept or effects of borders, which we then expanded to include work by others in our creative communities. Artists / composers were asked to send scores that, in some way, referenced border; social, political, virtual, perceptual, environmental or between species.

Our thanks to all those who responded with their work.

* a smaller selection of these are included
Pheobe riley Law
Jez riley French
Line Elkjær
Gabrielle Harnois-Blouin
Isabella Stevenson
Signe Liden
Espen Sommer Eide
Manfred Werder
Helen Frosi
Stephen Chase
Manja Ristić
Tomoko Hojo
Yifeat Ziv
lo wie
Carole Finer
Eleanor Cully
Iris Garrelfs
Annie Goh
Asha Sheshadri
Lucie Stepankova
Catherine Kontz

The publication is available as a free PDF download at the attached link.

Jez Riley French

Jez Riley French

my work involves a focus on located listening and recording, including the development and use of extended techniques, photographic scores and encouraging discussion around the borders of sound and sound culture. As an installation artist and music / sound...

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Walking Event
over borders #2 (remote)

HUB Prespa

4 - 17 Jul, 2021


Following on from ‘over borders #1’ (also available as a free download) we have curated a PDF collection of scores (photographic, text, graphic) that use the act of walking as a way to question the objectification of environments and the role of ‘stepping back’ from a human centric view of place.

Walking Piece
Instamatic #6 Prague

Prague, Czechia

Walking Piece SWS21
A High Street Sound Walk in Whitefriargate, Hull

Historic England, National Trust, Sound UK

Whitefriargate, Hull, UK

Walking Piece SWS21
over borders #2

Walking as a Question

Walking Piece
Through Topolo

Friúlí, Italy

walk · listen · café
Remote walking – walking with prompts

2021-07-06 18:00


The pandemic challenged walking artists to engage with new forms and new media for their practice. Group walking was translated into online walking, allowing people around the globe to walk together. Prompts or "walking scores" facilitated pandemic walkers to explore within the limits of their walking spaces, often in surprising and new ways, individually or with other remote walkers. Online technologies permitted to listen into remote spaces, beyond physical reach in the pandemic.

Walking Event
Street Wisdom In-Person Walkshop in Lima, Peru

2024-02-24 22:00

Jirón Pedro Martinto 114, Lima 15063, Peru

Join Ursula Franco Block for a 2 hour in-person Street Wisdom Walkshop, meeting at Jirón Pedro Martinto 114, Barranco, Lima (Google map here) on Saturday 24th February 2024! Starts at 5pm, finish...

Uncovering the history of a high street

16 Dec, 2021

Jez Riley French’s sound walk Breet Velvit Ake (‘Bright Velvet Wander’ in the Yorkshire dialect) evokes Whitefriargate’s history using a range of hidden, overlooked or usually inaudible sounds from the street.

Walking Piece SWS23
The Secret Sound of Trees

Sound UK

Beechenhurst - Forestry England, Speech House Road, Coleford, UK

A 25 minute soundwalk, with narration, that can be listened to in any location - ideally in a forest.

Walking Piece
Instamatic # 8: Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

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Bristol Upfest street art festival returns for 2024 – BBC News

21 Feb, 2024

Radical Stroud
Rights of Common

21 Feb, 2024