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Riverfront Park Soundwalk

Troy, New York, USA
20 minutes
Sound walk

Riverfront Park Soundwalk is a site-specific, 20-minute artist audio walking tour of Troy, New York‘s waterways. It is a past, present, and future overview based on sound artist Andrea Williams’ historical and environmental research and interviews from 2014-2015 with Troy residents and water experts. Musical elements, soundscapes and the actual environment intermingle in this soundwalk that is one of seven destinations that are part of the overall Troy Waterways Project. During tours throughout the year led by the artist, at the end of the Riverfront Park Soundwalk, participants can share a dialogue together on their personal connection with the river or other local waterways and visions of the future of the Hudson River in Troy that will be posted on the project website.


Hosted by: Andrea Williams

APA style reference

Williams, A. (2014). Riverfront Park Soundwalk. walk · listen · create.

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1. Cockney music hall song-walk ‘for me dear old Dutch’. 2. Two of us walking in an anything but straight line (me and ‘er).

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