Since I Suppose

Since I Suppose

CC-BY-NC: Julian Rickert

Since I Suppose is an immersive experience traversing a city and its institutions, with follow-films, live interactions and (some of) Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure.

With a soundtrack woven from shards of narrative, music, instructions and internet-scavenged YouTube audition pieces, audio from classic Shakespearean productions, the audience move through the city, its places of power, prayer and pleasure, all the while navigating the boundaries of the real and the fictional worlds around them.

The classic Shakespeare play cut, collaged and pasted back onto the streets of your city. A framework to begin a fresh exploration of the questions of power, identity and desire which pervade the play. And an exploration of the act of ‘playing’, imagining – of supposing – itself.

Since 2014
Hosted by commissioned by Chicago Shakespeare Theater
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