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Walking piece details

Soundwalkscapes November
My rule for this project is to take a walk on the first Monday of each month in 2023, wherever I happen to be.
This month I walked to and through MOMA- the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I went to the exhibition by photographer and video artist An-My Le and into the Sculpture Garden.
This is the eleventh in the series.

(NB: For Soundwalkscapes July, August, September and October 2023 go to

For Soundwalkscapes January to June 2023, a CD/DL will be released of re-edited tracks on label Flaming Pines in early 2024!)

Viv Corringham

Viv Corringham

Marŝarto Grand Jury 2023 Marŝarto Grand Jury 2024 SWS Award winner

I am a singer, walker and listener, British but currently based in New York. I've been working for about 40 years, making soundwalks, concerts, radio works and sound installations, and hold an MA Sonic Art and a Deep Listening teaching certificate. In m...


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