Tales from the Towpath

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Manchester, UK

Walking piece details

Duration30 minutes

Don't drink the lies!

Copyright: Mish Green

This is the armchair version of the popular ‘Tales from the Towpath immersive story experience created for Manchester Literature Festival 2014.

You can use the map on the website to experience the trail online from anywhere in the world!

Travel to Manchester’s waterways and historic buildings via episodes of Tales from the Towpath. Discover hidden, lost and imagined lives of the city. New mythologies are created and, whether you believe them or not, thrive.

Lives intersect like flotsam, like the past that washes up again and again. Two futures are possible: one where water is at risk and the world turns upside down, or one where nature proves her power.

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Maya Chowdhry, Michelle Green, Sarah Hymas and Helen Varley Jamieson collaborated to create the piece.



I create immersive and democratic experiences for participants, drawing from creating work in radio, poetry, Installation, video and online. My current work uses the online space for transmedia storytelling, digital poetry and augmented reality artworks.Th...

Near Manchester, UK

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