To commemorate, to remember, to imagine. Research notes on walking as a methodology in Québec

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Québec City, QC, Canada

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Duration 20 minutes

To commemorate, to remember, to imagine. Research notes on walking as a methodology in Québec

Commemorative walk, Memorial walk, Jane’s walk. These are all forms of walking that lead to the act of remembering. The idea of such a walk is to be able to discover a place in situ, and to grasp, in the effort of imagination summoned by the narrative, the events that took place in the past. It can be about architecture, urban planning issues, the history of social struggles or the promotion of social rights.
Walking can also be used as a methodological approach to produce a radio documentary series. By going out and returning to the places of the past to reactivate the memories and their meanings, it is thus possible to record a podcast in a different way. It is also possible to re-contextualize literature in the city, by creating a theatrical journey, a form of literary art in motion.
Based on audio excerpts, I propose an audio paper with different forms of walking in Québec – a jane walk to discover the history of a city, a walk to record a testimony for a podcast, and other examples to discover a literary work. By specifying each time the context in which these forms of walks took place, I expose the emerging effects of such a living approach of the culture which is lived through a walk. It also discuss the recording as a soundwork, a document creation that allows different forms of mediation and representations of the field of discourse during walks in Québec.

Radio Survivor, No. 297, interview with Michele Hilmes, May 2021.
L’Autre Ville, interview with Yvon Saint-Hilaire, May 2021.
Rapprocher le micro de la fenêtre, fieldrecording of Jean-Paul L’Allier commemorative walk, June 2016.
Faire parler 30 ans de différence, interview with Sylvie Nicolas, September 2014.
L’Orchestre d’Homme Orchestre, fieldrecording of 150 cabanes/homes, July 2017.
La montée des eaux, interview with Alice Guéricolas, June 2021.


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Simon-Olivier Gagnon

Simon-Olivier Gagnon

Simon-Olivier Gagnon is a Ph.D. student in archival studies, Department of History at Université Laval. He practiced in different community radio stations in France, Scotland, Québec, as well as in Canadian Northwest Territories. His research interests...

Near Québec City, QC, Canada

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