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SWS20 2020

Walk This Weekend

Multiple locations
15 minutes
Sound walk

On the weekend of 4/5 April 2020, more than 30 people across the world took a collective walk, separately. Tamsin Grainger collated their sounds, images and words to ‘Bring the Outside Inside’. During the Covid-19 lockdown, many were unable to leave their home or hospital, so we walked outdoors and recorded these wonders of nature for them. You can see the guidelines for the walk here… and the writing which went with the images and sound, here…
This is a home-made video.
Thanks to Lady Maisery for ‘Sing’, part of the soundtrack. Here is a link to their website

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Grainger, T. (2020). Walk This Weekend. walk · listen · create.

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To saunter, to be slovenly (The Dialect of Cumberland – Robert Ferguson, 1873). Rarely used in Cumbria now but has a meaning of to walk slowly, to amble, to walk with no particular purpose. Used for example in the ballad Billy Watson’s Lonnin written by Alexander Craig Gibson of Harrington, Cumbria in 1872 “Yan likes to trail ow’r t’ Sealand-fields an’ watch for t’ commin’ tide, Or slare whoar t’Green hes t’ Ropery an’ t’ Shore of ayder side “(Translation: One likes to trail over to Sealand Fields and watch for the coming tide, Or slare over to where the Green has the ropery and the Shore on the other side) Billy Watson’s Lonning (lonning – dialect for lane) still exists and can be found at Harrington, Cumbria.

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