11 Dec 2016 | THE LRM

A Sunday Treat: The LoneLady Treasure Hunt recap

This has been a truly remarkable year for Loitering and one of my personal highlights was the thrill of collaborating with the wonderful LoneLady on The Psychogeographical Sat Nav. You can hear The Street is Your Playground (LRM Mix) A Psychogeographical Sat Nav by LoneLady featuring The LRM on Soundcloud here https://soundcloud.com/lonelady/the-street-is-your-playground-lrm-mix-a-psychogeographical-sat-nav-by-lonelady-feat-the-lrm  I am somewhat discombobulated that there are still SIX copies of the t...

05 Dec 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement

 Instagram: @c21rainbowtribe Twitter: @c21rainbowtribe Facebook: Rainbow Tribe (c21rainbowtribe) Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement a LADA DIY 13 workshop, supported by hÅb, led by Ria Hartley and myself.  Our workshop is called The Rainbow Tribe: Affectionate Movement* and the ambition is that it will continue to allow participants to benefit from re-addressing power relationships in relation […]

05 Dec 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Shadowing Josephine | Revue 

Photo credit: Matthew Noel-Tod, stills from performance of Shadowing Josephine, Outpost, Norwich 2016  Rainbow Tribe drawings, Jade Montserrat, 2016 On Dec 16 Shadowing Josephine will be performed at Panoply Lab in New York especially. Although I’m working to develop the performance next year to show a transformative Black body, transcending the exhaustion that I currently […]

02 Dec 2016 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

Walking in the week Trump was elected

,To Keynsham from BathWalking the river bank, scoping Sweet Waters. From Salford to Keynsham one cold clear frosty November morning I walked from home down the  linear park to  the river. Linear walk nonlinear thoughts was the watchword for a week in which I had planned to do this 18 mile loop to the Chocolate factory and back, to visit a monastery and read a slave traders log, take part in a movement workshop and spend an hour with a serious economic historian researching the s [...]

30 Nov 2016 | Jack Lowe

Creating a Sense of Place in Video Games

What is a place?In the simplest possible terms, a place is a meaningful location. Places are spaces that humans perceive as meaningful because of their social and emotional associations. We form these attachments with spaces as they provide the setting...

30 Nov 2016 | Talking Walking

Tim Ingram-Smith talking walking

Andrew Stuck first met Tim Ingram-Smith back in 2015 when he came on a walkshop to reveal the lost neighbourhood of London’s Kings Cross, on which Andrew had collaborated with fellow Talking Walking interviewee, Tom Bolton.  Tim mentioned that he was about to embark on a 3 year expedition to discover parts of London he had never visited.  He talked […]

30 Nov 2016 | THE LRM

December 1st Sunday

First Sunday for December is Sunday 4th and we will be meeting outside The Crown and Kettle on Oldham Road at 2pm for a classic old school derive January 1st is first Sunday of 2017 but we will postpone a week so folk can get there All welcome and it...