22 Jan 2020 | 33 Temple

Saigon Canal Walk – Planning

As the Terminalia festival approaches once again I began to consider another walk in Saigon. On 23rd February each year a one day festival of Psychogeography is held across the UK and the world, entitled 'Terminalia'.As the festival website s...

21 Jan 2020 | Museum of Walking

Criss-crossing boundaries

Next weekend it is our first Seasonal Slow marathon length walk around the boundary of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  Or at least that’s what we are laying claim to accomplish on our Winter Slow.  However, we think we need to iron out a few discrepancies and with the help of at least a dozen […]

20 Jan 2020 | Mathis Nitschke


Klaus Mann outlined in his novel the timeless dancing on the volcano and the fall of the glamorous. A panorama of his contemporaries, the artists and intellectuals, children of the gods of the Golden Twenties, who did not want to give up their ecstasy ...

20 Jan 2020 | Curated News

La Passante Ecoutante #1

This new show by Niki Matita features audio walks done during travels, strolls with friends in the neighbourhood, deep listening to the changes of everyday surroundings and sounds alike. Source: (8) La Passante Ecoutante #1

19 Jan 2020 | Curated News

Hamish Fulton walking artist – works on show at Parafin Gallery in London’s Mayfair

"A Decision to Choose only Walking" is the title of the show - show closes 22 February 2020 http://parafin.co.uk/current-exhibition--hamish-fulton.html The exhibition takes as its starting point the important walk the artist made over 47 days in 1973 from Duncansby Head to Land’s End – here presented as a large-scale wall text. After this major walk Fulton made the radical decision to ‘only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks’. Since then Fulton has rigorously maintained this focus, using walking as his medium and stating ‘If I don’t walk, I can’t make art’. Although only Fulton experiences his solitary walks directly, the works he presents in exhibitions and books allow us to engage with them.

17 Jan 2020 | Curated News

How Walking Fosters Creativity: Stanford Researchers Confirm What Philosophers and Writers Have Always Known | Open Culture

A certain Zen proverb goes something like this: 'A five year old can understand it, but an 80 year old cannot do it.' The subject of this riddle-like saying has been described as 'mindfulness'---or being absorbed in the moment, free from routine mental habits. Source: How Walking Fosters Creativity: Stanford Researchers Confirm What Philosophers and Writers Have Always Known | Open Culture

16 Jan 2020 | Curated News

The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth

Joseph Pisenti of RealLifeLore (previously) offers a "brief overview" of the longest pedestrian distance between two points on the Earth's surface. This Source: The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth

16 Jan 2020 | Talking Walking

Mark Reid talking walking

If you are ever going to be caught out in inclement weather on the mountains or hills of northern England, having met Mark Reid, founder of Team Walking, Andrew Stuck can think of no other person he would rather have as his guide. Mark’s passion for the outdoors is only outshone by his desire to […]

14 Jan 2020 | News

What Lower Hutt is doing for walking

Thank you very much for your email to our new Mayor of Lower Hutt, Campbell Barry. This email has been passed on to me as the Healthy Families Hutt Valley Manager. Healthy Families Hutt Valley is part of a national initiative called Healthy Families NZ...