21 May 2020 | Curated News

Locative media and sound walking in the 21st century – online talks and presentations on Friday 29 May 2020 

Warmly invited to a day of talks and presentations about locative media and sound walking in the 21st century, relating as well to climate change, mobility, and the pandemic. Among the speakers, you find locative media and sound walk experts as Joshua Kopeček (Echoes), Ricardo Climent (SonicMaps/University of Manchester), Fred Adam (GPS Museum / CGeomap), Francesca Panetta (AudioAR, MIT), Halsey Burgund (Roundware / MIT), environmental artist Verónica Perales (University of Murcia), environmental scientist Rich Blundell (Oika), walking artist and curator Julie Poitras Santos (ICA at MECA), researchers as Michael Duggan (King's College), Didem Özkul (UCL), Sam Hind (University of Siegen), Giada Peterle (University of Padua) and Vermeire Geert Participation is free but places are limited. We are aware that other obligations and unfavorable time zones are limiting many of you to only a selection of the presentations, so all presentations will be available afterwards as separate video-recordings, accessible for all participants Source: Locative media, climate change and (im)mobility during the COVID19 pandemic Tickets, Fri 29 May 2020 at 09:00 | Eventbrite

21 May 2020 | Let's take a walk

LTAW #43 took place on Earth Day

Let's Take a (Virtual, Twitter Guided) Walk #43 took place on Earth Day Thank you so much for joining me, I was in New York City. I wonder where you were?During this time where it's vital to stay secluded and to keep our distances from each other,...

21 May 2020 | Museum of Walking

Canopy – published in aid of future Urban Tree Festivals

We are delighted to announce the publication of Canopy a beautifully illustrated 20 page chapbook anthology of poems and flash stories inspired by acclaimed nature writers and sold in aid of future Urban Tree Festivals. Available from our on-line shop 2020 marks the anniversary of some key poets and writers who have put nature writing […]

19 May 2020 | Walking Off the Big Apple

A Walk in the Forest Primeval

Contemplating the fall of civilizations in Inwood Hill ParkAt times, it feels like we’re living at the end of civilization. With the arrival of the global pandemic, many governing structures are teetering at a breaking point, one measured in graphs, cu...


La marche urbaine, l’écoute, et les calculs salutaires

Translate this page Mon activité de marcheur écoutant, bien que dernièrement drastiquement réduite lors du confinement réducteur de distance, m’a poussé à observer mes co-marcheurs urbains, croisées d chaussées en trottoirs. Lors de cette crise sanitaire, loin de la meilleure façon e marcher en mettant un pied devant l’autre et en recommençant, nos sourdes anxiétés … Continuer à lire ... "La...

16 May 2020 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2020-05-16 06:59:00

Let's Take a MomentThis soundscape with accompanying video introduction of a recorded workshop at Turner Contemporary during The Margate Bookie can be viewed In Your Living Room at The Wandsworth arts fringe if you follow this link:  Let's Take a ...